Regulations for Community Use of School Facilities

    • Facilities and space are available for reservation between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:30PM. Exceptions, such as Latchkey, are handled on an individual basis.
    • Rentals will be considered cancelled on days when the schools are closed because of emergency conditions or hazardous weather. When schools are dismissed early due to inclement weather, rentals will be at the discretion of the renting organizations. Overtime fees may be charged for custodial services during these times. At various times of the year, facilities will be unavailable due to maintenance work.
    • The Board of Education reserves the right to deny use of any facility to a person, group or organization. Examples of these are: conflict with planned or ongoing facility use; lack of personnel to prepare facilities; a known history of disruptive or undesirable conduct by the person and/or group; and failure to pay charges or fees.
    • Any contract or privilege granted to any person, group or organization to use any building or property is personal and shall not be transferred to any other person, group or organization.
    • The applicant agrees to assume responsibility for any damages and for all liabilities arising from the occupancy of building or grounds use, it being understood and agreed that the school district assumes no obligation respecting the use of such premises.
    • All renters shall provide the Dublin City Schools with evidence that there is a general insurance policy, including contractual liability, in force that will apply to the renter's proposed use of the property. The certificate of Insurance is to be attached to the Facility Rental request. Minimum acceptable limits of liability should be $1,000,000 per occurrence. Groups assume responsibility for any loss or damage to school facilities or property, including property of students and employees.
    • School personnel may be required when renting some spaces. The cost of personnel will be charged to the renter.
      • A custodian shall be on duty whenever a facility is being used. The custodian will render custodial assistance in handling furniture and equipment and will be responsible for seeing that the facility is left in good order after the activity is over. The custodians' time, including set up and clean up time will be charged.
      • Food service personnel shall be required when kitchen facilities are requested.
      • A theater manager will be required when renting a High School Auditorium. The theater manager will assist with lighting, sound, and technical equipment.
      • A site manager may be required for the rental of a high school stadium. Please see the Stadium Rental Regulations.
      • No school equipment may be used without the assistance of school personnel.
    • Alcoholic beverages, unauthorized, tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes), profanity, and gambling are prohibited on school property.
    • Users of facilities must comply with state and local fire and safety regulations.
      • Decorations must be fireproof and shall be erected and taken down in a manner not destructive to District property. Decorations are subject to the approval of the building administrator. The use of open flames, such as candles and incense is not permitted.
      • Corridors, exits, and stairways must be free of obstructions at all times.
      • Exits are to be lighted when facilities are in use.
      • Members of audience or spectators must never stand or sit so they block exits.
      • Occupancy limits must be observed at all times.
    • Buildings will normally be open fifteen (15) minutes prior to the activity and for fifteen (15) minutes after its scheduled end. Unless other arrangements are requested on the application and approved.
    • The District will not be responsible for any loss of valuable or personal property.
    • Non-marking gym shoes must be worn when using any gymnasium floor.
    • Flyers, booklets, or other printed or audio-visual materals may not be distributed unless they relate directly to the activity for which the school facility is being used and has been prior approved with the application.
    • The maxiumum length of any school rental agreement will be one year.
    • Cancellation on part of the lessee must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the event. The renter's deposit will not be returned if any cancellations are made later than 48 hours prior to the event.

    Policies Concerning Use of Kitchens
    No cafeteria equipment shall be used without an employee of the Food Service Department present. This is not only to prevent misuse of equipment, but also to prevent accidents that can occur when a person does not have knowledge of safety precautions and operating procedures for each piece of equipment.

    It is not the responsibility of this employee to cook and prepare all the food for the organization hiring this employee. The employee's job is to see that equipment is functioning and used properly. Each organization requesting the use of the kitchen should also remember that the kitchen is clean upon arrival and should be left in the same condition.

    Each organization is responsible for their supplies i.e. foil, plastic film, pot holders, paper towels, salt, pepper, dishes, forks, knives, glasses or cups, dish clothes, dish detergent, dish towels, and all clean up supplies.

    The Dublin City Schools Food Service Department provides catering services. For more information regarding catering services contact the Food Service Department at 614-718-8354.

    Payment of Fees
    Renters agree to make final payment to the Office of the Treasurer one week after receipt of an invoice for rentals. Long-term renters may arrange monthly payment schedules. In the event that payment of fees are made by check and said check is returned for insufficient funds, account closed, or other similarly related circumstance by the respective financial institution the Treasurer will make every reasonable effort to obtain indemnification to replace the returned check. Additionally, the Treasurer is authorized to assess a $20.00 service charge for each respective check. The service charge will be in addition to the amount owed for the returned check.

    Non-Discriminatory Community Use of School Facilities
    It is the intention of the Board of Education that the facilities of the Dublin City Schools be available for community functions as freely and fully as possible without intereference with their basic function. It is, however, the responsibility of the Board of Education to assure that those facilities are not used for illegal purposes or in any manner inconsistent with the general principles of non-discrimination or first come-first served priorities.

    All citizens of the Dublin School District have equal entitlement to use all facilities without qualification or reservation. If the using group will charge any fee related to the usage of School facilities, the fee may not discriminate among residents of the District based upon their place of residency.
    • Nothing in this document shall be construed as altering the traditional requirement for segregation of the sexes in use of sanitary or dressing facilities.
    • Classroom segregation based on levels of knowledge or skill are expected provided that all levels are available to all applicants on an equal basis.

    Approval of exceptions to policies stated is reserved solely to the Board of Education.