Frequent Questions and Information

    Hourly Rental Rates
    Facility Group A Group B Group C Group D
    Minimum 2 hour rental
    Classrooms, Library,
    Music Room, Art Room
    0.00 65.00 75.00 100.00
    Elementary Gym 0.00 75.00 90.00 125.00
    Middle School Gym
    HS Aux. Gym
    0.00 85.00 100.00 125.00
    HS Competition Gym 0.00 100.00 125.00 150.00
    Elementary Commons 0.00 70.00 80.00 110.00
    MS Commons 0.00 75.00 90.00 120.00
    HS Commons 0.00 80.00 100.00 130.00
    Elementary Kitchen 0.00 75.00 100.00 125.00
    MS Kitchen 0.00 75.00 100.00 125.00
    HS Kitchen 0.00 75.00 100.00 125.00
    1919 Theater 0.00 85.00 100.00 125.00
    HS Auditorium 0.00 125.00 200.00 250.00
    Wrestling Room 0.00 70.00 80.00 90.00
    Outdoor Facilities
    MS Track 0.00 75.00 80.00 125.00
    MS Football Field 0.00 75.00 90.00 125.00
    Practice Field 0.00 70.00 80.00


    HS Baseball Fields  (per GAME) 0.00 85.00 85.00 85.00
    MS Baseball Fields (per HOUR) 0.00 25.00 25.00 25.00

    All Groups: Personnel charges will apply for custodians when an event is not held during regular custodial hours.

    A food service employee must be employed for rentals of all kitchen facilities.

    A Theater manager must be employed for rental of all HS Auditoriums.

    Stadium Fields and Baseball Fields
    Stadium Field: See Stadium Rentals (Below)
    Baseball Fields: Contact the High School Athletic Director at the High School where the field is located.
    High School Theaters: Additional charges may apply. Please see Theater Rentals for regulations.

    Community Use Of High School Stadiums
    Stadiums can be rented for sporting events, benefits, corporate programs, fundraisers, competitions, entertainment, and sporting camps by organziations, community groups, or schools.

    Classification of Stadium Users
    Rental rates are assigned accordign to the classification of the renting group or organization. School activities will always ben given the first priority when scheduling facilities. The rental classifications are as follows:

    Group A: School activities and school organizations
    Examples: Interscholastic contests, PTO, Boosters
    Group B: Community Groups
    Examples: DYA, DSL, DFL
    Group C: Non-profit groups. All groups must provide a 501(c) certificate
    Group D: For profit groups.

    Rental Rates:
    Hourly Rates
    Group A Group B Group C Group D
    Stadium Use 0.00 50.00 150.00 300.00
    Lights - Regular 0.00 30.00/hour
    Lights - Field 0.00 150.00/hour
    Scoreboard 0.00 75.00/event
    Locker Room 100.00/event 100.00/event
    PA System 0.00 75.00/event   
    Custodial 50.00 if not during regular hours If additional time is required for set up or clean up 50.00/hour may be charged.
    Site Manager 0.00

    May be required, at discretion of HS Athletic Director   

    Regulations for Community Use of High School Stadiums
    • Stadium rentals include use of fields, bleachers, and restrooms (April - October)
    • Locker rooms and shower facilities may be available for an additional charge.
    • Capacity of district stadiums is as follows:
      • Coffman - 8,500
      • Jerome - 5,500
      • Scioto - 5,500
    • Parking is available as follows:
      • Coffman - 651 regular spaces, 8 handicapped with additional 96 regular, 6 handicapped and 200 field parking (based on seasonal conditions) at Central Office
      • Scioto - 672 regular spaces and 10 handicapped
      • Jerome - 937 regular spaces and 16 handicapped
      Dublin City Schools will facilitiate parking flow and will negotiate a few between the schools and the event organizer or may charge and collect a fixed fee per vehicle.
    • Concession stands are operated and staffed by District personnel or their representatives. Revenue collected benefits the Dublin City School District. Prices, quality, quantity of products are set ahead of time by the concession manager.
    • Catering is permitted for an event when concession sales are not appropriate. Caterers are required to abide by vendor contract agreements of the Dublin City Schools where applicable. Approval for catering must be granted in writing by the district in advance of the event. Renters are encoraged to contact the Dublin City Schools Food Service Department at 614-718-8354 regarding catering services.
    • All regulations for Community Use of School Facilities apply to Use of High School Stadiums.

    Community Use Of High School Auditoriums
    • A Theater manager must be present at all times that a High School Theater is rented. There will be no use of lighting, sound, or technical equipment (projector, screen, etc.) by any person other than the theater manager. Charge for Theater Manager will be $65.00/hour.
    • Lighting settings may not be changed. No lights should be physically changed.
    • No seating will be allowed in aisles or blocking exits. Theater seating is as follows:
      • Coffman Performing Arts Center Seats 700
      • Jerome Center for Performing Arts Seats 700
      • Scioto Performing Arts Center Seats 600
    • Theater rentals includes: 2 dressing rooms, backstage area, access to restroom facilities, lobby area, house lighting, sound system, podium, VGA cables and audio cables, internet access, tables, American flag, piano, and projection screen. Renters must provide a laptop, if needed.
    • Use of any additional facilities or equipment will result in additional charges.
      • Sound shells $100.00/event
      • Risers $100.00/event
      • Chairs/Music Stands $30.00/event
      • Projector $100.00/event
      • Spot lights $100.00/event
    • No food or drink will be allowed in theaters.